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Good news, everyone!

Our Patreon page just launched!

But Kit, Cat…. what does that mean?

Well, subscribers to the Patreon blog will get to see the first few pages of the comic before anyone else! Starting October 1st, we’ll begin posting the first chapter to Patreon. (This is for all subscribers, minimum of $1. )

If you can’t donate, or if you’re not sure you want to, the comic will be posted for free beginning October 31st, and will be available to all. But we would sure appreciate your support!

Expect a whole bunch of posts in both places over the next few days. We are very excited, and have a lot of additional information we can’t wait to share with you!

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Right now, Sparkler Monthly, an American manga-inspired comics anthology magazine put out by Chromatic Press is having it’s two-year membership drive.  If you follow my Twitter, you’ll know I was blowing it up last night talking about how important it is for American artists with an anime-aesthetic to support publishers that actually publish OEL manga and American anime inspired comics.

Some of my favorite American artists got their start in TokyoPop’s Rising Stars of Manga contest, and these were the artists I looked up to when I decided to go into comics myself.  Unfortunately for me, TokyoPop had sorta fouled the water with abusive contracts and poor marketing, so when it went under, nobody wanted to publish OEL or anime-inspired comics.  This meant that many artists with an anime influenced style who weren’t already published had difficulty attracting paying comic work, especially since manga-inspired styles developed a stigma as being a ‘copycat’ of Japanese manga, rather than taking influence from.  Many artists still find it difficult to find professional work, and many have difficulty finding receptive publishers for their pitches. In my opinion, this is why it’s so important to support a publication like Sparkler and a publisher like Chromatic Press.

This is a publisher that actively publishes OEL manga and manga inspired comics.  This is a publisher that publishes comics aimed at women and girls specifically.  At Chromatic Press, we aren’t a happy bycatch.  We’re the intended audience.

Maybe you’re an American artist with an anime influenced style who’s never had difficulty finding work, finding an audience, paying the bills utilizing the style you’ve cultivated over the years.  You’ve never doubted that your audience will find your work, since your reach was extended with the aid of influential friends or a publisher to promote your work.  Maybe you don’t personally need a publication like Sparkler to exist for you to make ends meet, you don’t need it as a professional goal.  Perhaps you’ve never had difficulty gaining the respect of your peers, and people have always taken you seriously as a comic artist.

You should still consider supporting Sparkler in order to check out talent, new and old.  You should consider signal boosting their Membership Drive Tweets and posts, to introduce your own fans to this publication and to the artists within.  

If Sparkler doesn’t gain enough new members, if Chromatic Press doesn’t see enough sales, they’ll fold just like many of the other publishers who’ve focused on OEL manga.  They wont fold because of a lack of talent, skill, or drive, but because they didn’t get enough support.  Not enough people know about Sparkler Magazine, not enough aspiring creators realize what it’s taken artists like myself years to realize- the market you enjoy as a professional stems from the market you supported while still learning.  If you enjoy manga inspired comics, like OEL manga, or want to see more American shoujo comics, you should support Sparkler in any way you can.

Reblog the hell out of this! Go support them! I recently got a one year subscription! Even just a one month trial means a lot.

Please take the time to spread the word about Sparkler Monthly!

I am a paying Sparkler subscriber and already own several of their print editions, because a) they’ve got exciting new stuff I haven’t seen before and b) they’re building a new publishing avenue for us creators and That Is Amazing and Doesn’t Happen Often because it’s frikking HARD. They need bricks so they can keep building, so if you are a part of the culture, it’s in Your Interests that they be able to continue this!

Feast your eyes on all the stuff they have and then join usssss:

Sparkler is one of the only North American publishers out there publishing original manga. If you have a dream like us, and want manga style comics to take off in the west, we suggest you check this publisher out :)

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So the final installment of "The Ring of Saturn" has been up for non-members for over a week now, and I really hope people check it out! It was a treat to get to work with Kate & Jen on this, and I’m so pleased with how it came out and the response it’s gotten so far. If you like Downton Abbey or Victorian Romance Emma, or just a good story about driven young women and their manic pixie dream dudes, this is a comic for you. 

A side note for those who are interested, though—"Saturn" is actually a spin-off of a larger story that was pitched to us last year! I don’t want to say too much lest I spoil things (although the lovely illustration above is a good clue as to the nature and content of the series), but while I was really intrigued by what Jen & Kate had come up with, I wasn’t quite ready to give it the greenlight yet. So I suggested doing a side story of some sort, with some of the series characters possibly appearing in cameo roles. The Kaiju team came up with a bunch of different and really great options (including one about sci-fi actors in the 70s!), and after some deliberation, "Saturn" was the one we ended up going with. (I also asked for a sample page or two of Miriam at her piano, also seen above. Conveying sound through static visuals is, I think, one of the hardest things to do in comics—but it’s *so amazing* when you find someone who can nail it!)

We hope that "Saturn" stands alone as a discrete work, but there are definitely aspects that would/will read differently in the context of a larger story. And this is, in part, where things like the Sparkler Membership Drive, or even just our forums, come in. We’re getting to the point now where we’ve got more great stuff that we’d like to publish than we have the resources to produce, which is a great position to be in, but your support and your feedback on what you are enjoying and would like to see more of is therefore incredibly valuable to us! We always love to hear from our fans, and your input can really help direct the future of the magazine over the next year (and onward!) 

So yeah. If you’re as excited about "Saturn" as I was, and equally intrigued by the image above, let us know! ^_^  

Hint: The people in the color picture above are both dudes.  Ehehe~

One of them has planets on his coat- who could that be? ;)

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented and sent us notes! You guys really make our day! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

If you enjoyed “The Ring of Saturn”, or have any crazy theories- please let us know in the forum.  (´∀`)♡ Even just a word is greatly appreciated and moves us closer to doing this story. Like Lillian said, it’s a little different from “Saturn”. It has some fantasy/sci-fi and a little more- well~ you’ll see~ ;) 







Sparkler Monthly is the new manga-magazine style publication on the block, and their publisher (Chromatic Press) presents an awesome opportunity for cartoonists whose crafts have been influenced by the Japanese comics and animation market to get paid for their work! Very few publishers respect “manga style” artists or actively look for them, so Sparkler Monthly is a huge deal in my book! They are also committed to a wide array of POC and LGBTQ+ representation in what they publish and center themselves around catering to the female gaze. I don’t think enough people know about them yet, »>clickity»> which is probably why a membership drive is necessary «<click«<! It’s totally worth it to support this! At the very least, take a quick look at their titles (comics, prose, and audio dramas) and see if you can’t find something you enjoy. They even have a section called Cherry Bomb for more saucy/sexy material, loads of subscriber exclusives, and a distro service pushing out stuff like fucking Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal books and merch. Seriously. Go there now.

(“Awake” illustration by Angela Sham)

I wholeheartedly and fully agree with everything said here! Sparkler Monthly is SO GREAT you guys! So great! I used to constantly, loudly, obnoxiously lament that something exactly like this didn’t exist— and now it does! So please, subscribe! Give a subscription as a gift, tell a friend, whatever! They’re so cool and great and think of how many cool and great people could get PAID to make COOL AND GREAT STUFF with your subscription! JUST THINK!!

Y’all know how Heidi and I talk about supporting the industry you want to work in? Sparkler Magazine is just such an opportunity. In fact, Chromatic Press is pretty much THE opportunity an American has to draw manga inspired comics in the US right now. I live on the east coast, so I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the staff at any cons (yet), but as an east coaster with limited opportunities to see my comics printed or distributed by others, I understand how very important it is to support a publisher that’s willing to take such a big risk. OEL manga and manga influenced comics are a hard sell, and it’s only getting harder, so please consider supporting such a wonderful magazine. I just signed up for a year membership, which was really quite affordable, and I look forward to enjoying the upcoming months of comics, and look forward to being introduced to new artists.

The serious question now is do I want the standard year membership, or the super awesome VIP membership…..

Reblogging! Its only a few $$ for a month or more of comics, prose, audio dramasand podcasts from pros!

Support these awesome ladies however you can! X0

Ditto to everything said here! Sparkler is pushing for everything the industry is lacking right now and they need your support! If you want a taste of what they do, check it out! Every first chapter is free! And there’s only more good stuff to come! You might be very surprised by the variety and uniqueness of each series!

More female leads! More LGBTQ+ and POC representation! More manga style comics!  If you have the same frustrations that we do or have ever experienced prejudice because of your style or what you write about, please reblog. A little goes a long way :)


This month’s Member Exclusive, a Dusk in Kalevia short comic is now live! 
Written by Kalevia author Emily Compton and drawn by the fabulous Angeline Mauri, author of webcomic Devil’s Cake, this was super fun to put together!  (I got to bust out some photos of myself and Dead Endings author Jessica Chavez at the Los Angeles Gun Club as visual reference. :-) ) We hope you enjoy it! 
Not a Sparkler member? This is a great time to consider signing up! 

Another excellent reason to become a subscriber!! LOVE laengine's style and Emily's characters, such a great collaboration!


This month’s Member Exclusive, a Dusk in Kalevia short comic is now live! 

Written by Kalevia author Emily Compton and drawn by the fabulous Angeline Mauri, author of webcomic Devil’s Cake, this was super fun to put together!  (I got to bust out some photos of myself and Dead Endings author Jessica Chavez at the Los Angeles Gun Club as visual reference. :-) ) We hope you enjoy it! 

Not a Sparkler member? This is a great time to consider signing up! 

Another excellent reason to become a subscriber!! LOVE laengine's style and Emily's characters, such a great collaboration!